Wireless Network Installation and Support


We offer professional design and installation of a variety of wireless networking technologies, and custom tailor solutions to suit requirements and budget.

Experience across a broad range of wireless solutions in many industries and applications ensures tight integrations, providing high performance and resilient radio communications.

 Wireless Failover Links


For critical business connections, wireless links can be used effectively as resilient secondary backup links when primary wired networks go down.

We design, install and support wireless  failover solutions to automatically maintain critical connections in harsh conditions or outage situations.

Point-to-point Radio Links

Wireless radio links can be a good option for providing high speed network connectivity between offices and partners.

While satellite networks are generally cheaper with wide coverage, transmissions need to go to space and back, which can introduce significant delay into communications path.

Modern terrestrial point-to-point radio technology can be effective for demanding real time applications, providing low latency connectivity into remote or difficult to access locations.

We install and support short (1km) to long range (100+km) wireless connectivity solutions, antenna install, tuning and calibration.

Satellite Networks


Earth station receivers and transmitters installation and configuration.

Please contact us to discuss the wireless networking requirements of your business.

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