It is becoming more and more common to see Ubiquiti Networks access points deployed in settings traditionally dominated by a small group of incumbent enterprise hardware vendors,  And it’s no wonder given UBNT’s string of innovation in wireless technologies, and disruptive pricing in a market which had slowed to a stall in substantial performance improvements, while maintaining prohibitive pricing. 

After a successful foray into the outdoor wireless niche,  it seems that Ubiquiti is now rewriting the rule book on price vs performance in the enterprise wifi market.

Explaining the company’s decision to enter the enterprise wifi market Robert from UBNT remarked,

“Perhaps now hard to believe, Ubiquiti’s decision to enter a new market with the introduction of UniFi in 2010 was generally criticized. At that time, some questioned why a company driving explosive growth in the outdoor Wireless Internet Service Provider Industry would risk diverting their focus. Others questioned how Ubiquiti, having less than 25 employees and none of them marketing or sales people, could possibly enter a market dominated by traditional sales models. Nevertheless, I saw an Industry ripe for disruption and a perfect opportunity for us to leverage our core strengths.”

“Exactly why was it so compelling? In 2009, if you took apart a $1,000+ “Enterprise WiFi” AP and compared it to a <$50 consumer WiFi AP, you would see 90% component/material overlap. Enterprise vendors were essentially over-engineering consumer WiFi reference designs for often little more than incremental performance benefit and then dramatically over-charging for them.”

“Ubiquiti’s past success was attributed to a completely opposite philosophy — making designs more cost-efficient (while enhancing performance) and passing savings on to the customer. And our increasing economy of scale at this point (1mm+ AirMax radios/ yr) reinforced what I saw as an excellent Enterprise WiFi opportunity.” Robert from UBNT via

It would seem Ubiquiti are currently setting the pace on wifi hardware innovation, making consistent improvements in antenna design and propagation schemes, and have also developed network management solutions which have the solid feel and intuitive interface design which technology professionals have come to expect from industry leaders.

Take the Unifi WiFi management console out for a test drive yourself here –

Given the increase volume of UBNT APs shipped year over year since 2011 (147k) – 2012 (424k) – 2016 (3.4M), and the top notch suite of management software, Ubiquiti seem poised to continue their disruption of traditional technology sales models, which ultimately is good for everybody.