Operating enterprise class Wifi networks presents certain issues which don’t become apparent until you get a hundred or two smartphone wielding users congregated in a small area.  The capacity rating of Wifi hardware is quickly tested by large numbers of users with multiple apps, social media connections and especially video streaming which can really put a strain on access point hardware if not properly sized and situated.

There are a number of problems which repeatedly surface when installing and supporting large Wifi networks.

Network Computing’s Andrew Frowlich offers sound insight on some of the pitfalls to watch for.

“In many enterprise environments, WiFi has successfully replaced wired Ethernet as the primary mode of end-user connectivity. Consequently, it’s critical that network administrators deploy and manage a wireless LAN that is reliable, secure and speedy. Yet we see the same mistakes made repeatedly on WLANs, which cause performance and data security issues for users. Let’s look at the top five WiFi pitfalls that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Deployment based on coverage, not capacity

When planning to a new wireless network, it’s easy to fall into the trap of deploying access points based on the maximum distance a single access point can cover. This design method fails to account for the number of users each individual AP might be expected to service at any given moment.” Andrew Frowlich via Network Computing

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