Accurate Landscapes

For enterprises with large complex applications and systems, having a good understanding of all the elements and how they interact becomes essential for effective cybersecurity, network management and providing empirical data for budget forecasting.

Knowledgeable and experienced network engineers who know how all the pieces fit together can create coherent network diagrams which provide accurate useful visual representations of your information technology environment.

With a growing emphasis on privacy controls, particuarly in FinTech with PCIDSS and other regulatory frameworks, having current and comprehensive network and systems diagrams reflects the importance an organization places on protecting the privacy of it’s users and customers.

Visualization of Technology

Accurate and up-to-date information technology system diagrams help to form the foundation of good information security policy and practice.

Inventory and Mapping Tools

For large dynamic tech environments there are a variety of tools available which can automate the process of enumerating technology assets.

We have knowledge and expertise running network inventory and mapping systems in large complex enterprises across multple sectors.  Properly implemented network mapping tools should provide useful telemetry to sysadmins for aiding support, and inform business leaders decision making.

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