Technology That Works

With the growing complexity of technology used in modern businesses, network management has become a critical factor in the performance and reliability of enterprise application systems.

We are systems management experts and believe that visbility into key performance metrics is a critical element in running great business applications that work seamlessly and quietly in the background.

In the real world there are many elements which contribute to smooth running sytems, and these become more important as applications scale up in size and scope.

Through active network management processes, we aim to best position our customers for success by allowing them to focus on their core business, instead of struggling with their technology.

We’re really great at making nothing happen.

Just In Time Telemetry

Information technology solutions should move up the speed of business like a well-oiled machine, rather than creating frustration and missed business opportunities.

High performance, high availability applications rely on stable, predicatable infrastructure using just-in-time telemetry and functional reporting to provide visibility and accurate, reliable metrics.

Having well functioning information technology systems directly affects a businesses’ bottom line, by creating competitive advantage and the ability to quickly adapt with shifting conditions.

Accurate Metrics For The Right Fit

Building in overhead capacity can help ensure seamless transitions down the road, and maximize productivity by eliminating performance bottlenecks which slow the speed of your business.

With experience in capacity planning across the energy, financial and media sectors, we can help you plan ahead while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Flexibility With Room To Grow

Capacity planning is an important exercise for enterprises who are in rapid growth stages, moving from a single location to multiple branches, or undertaking new initiatives.

To ensure smooth transition through growth stages it’s important that the information technology supporting your business be appropriately sized, with optimum margins built in for probable 5 and 10 year lifecycle management windows.

Properly forecasting infrastructure capacity is a nuanced art, which constantly adjusts to achieve not to little, not too much, but just right.

Achieving the right size minimizes complications when additional resources are quickly required, and avoids wasting money on unused capacity.  With average lifecycles of 3-5 years for enterprise hardware, getting the right balance can save big dollars over time.

Planning Ahead Has Never Been Easier

With many high performance and stable virtualization platforms on the market, and the advent of cloud computing, there has never been an easier time to future proof information technology investments.

In order to size systems appropriately, you need to know where you currently stand.  There are a number of good tools for visualizing system growth and identifying the timelines for future capacity requirements, and they don’t need to cost a fortune.

A Vision Of The Road Ahead

The ability to recognize industry trends on the road ahead is an valuable tool for steering our customers towards the best strategic technology architectures and platforms.

Staying up to date on regulatory developments and technology innovation, along with extensive real world experience building and maintaining systems across many sectors, helps in determining future trends.

Being constantly on-the-ball helps us identify the highest probability tech winners, avoid the losers and non-starters, and best position our clients for the road ahead.

Please contact us today to discuss the network management requirements of your business.

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