From humble beginnings, open source operating system Linux is now underneath the hood of the totality of top 500 supercomputers in the world.  Open source can!! (and will)

Andy Patrizio from Network World gives a history lesson on how slowly but surely over the course of 25+ years, Linux was able to unseat multiple well-established and widely deployed incumbent unix-based operating systems to become the fine open source solution that it is today.

“It was a confluence of things, all of which aligned perfectly for Linux. For starters, the Unixes were fragmented and tied to vendor processors. You had AT&T, through its Bell Labs arm, licensing Unix System V to vendors who then made their own specific flavor. Sun Microsystems made Solaris, IBM made AIX, HP had HP-UX and SGI had IRIX. None of them was compatible, and at best, porting required a recompile if you were lucky.” Andy Patrizio via Network World

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