Strategy and Innovation

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Internet Security and Privacy

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Policy and Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, deadlines and facts –

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Canada in ‘pretty good shape’ against cyber infrastructure attacks: Goodale –

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Open Source

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Data Centre and Storage

Which data center intrusion prevention systems are worth the investment? NSS Labs tests 5 DCIPS products –



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New 4G LTE attacks can spy on messages, track user location, and more –


Cloud Computing

HyperGrid lets you shop at 100 million clouds –

CASBs and Education’s Flight to the Cloud –

OpenStack ‘Queens’ struts into the spotlight –


Telecom and Service Provider

Coriant optimizes Hyperscale Carrier Architecture (HCA) for multi-access edge compute and cost savings –


Servers and Workstations

What is a hypervisor? –

Lenovo introduces new water-cooled server technology (ed. water and computers, what could go wrong?) –

VMware might just have cracked the container market with NSX –


Resort and Hospitality

Top Tech Opportunities & Challenges for Restaurants in 2018 –