Information Technology Industry News

January 14, 2018



Packet Loss Vs. Latency: Analyzing the Impact –

Internet Security and Privacy

WD My Cloud NAS devices have hard-wired backdoor –

Wild West of cryptocurrency: Hackers use DNS to steal $400,000 –

F-Secure highlights another critical Intel security issue –

What is SSL/TLS? (And why it’s time to upgrade to TLS 1.3) –

Open Source

20 years on, open source hasn’t changed the world as promised –

How inner sourcing saved our IT department –


Data Centre and Storage

Preserving Our Future, One Bit at a Time –



Wi-Fi Alliance announces WPA3 to secure modern networks –

Cloud Computing

Better cloud management through cloud resource tagging –

Nasty fall-out from Spectre and Meltdown –


Telecom and Policy

US Senators force vote on Ctrl-Z’ing America’s net neutrality death –


Servers and Workstations

How We Stop the 5 Biggest Threats to Computer Hardware –