The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has awarded Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) an “Electronic Access”  award from for advancing freedom of information and expression through it’s online compendium “Atlas of Surveillance” which tracks governmental surveillance tactics and programs.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation created the Atlas of Surveillance, an online database of law enforcement surveillance activity throughout the United States. More than 600 students and volunteers joined EFF Director of Investigations Dave Maass to contribute research to the open-source research project. Over the course of 18 months, the group dove into public datasets, news articles, press releases, and meeting minutes to develop a map – searchable by city and state – that tracks the presence of surveillance tech like license-plate readers, facial recognition, body-worn police cameras, drones, and partnerships between police departments and Amazon’s Ring. Tens of thousands of viewers have visited the trove of information and reporters across the country have used it to inform their reporting on local surveillance. – via Society of Professional Journalism

Congratulations EFF, thanks for your many contributions promoting free and open societies.