A novel idea for using infrared light in medium to long haul line of sight wireless backhauls, or as a short range point-to-multipoint solution.  So far the concept is in the early experimental stages, and no commercial applications have thus far been announced. A couple excepts below from the article on Network World.

“The system, which is the work of new Ph.D recipient Joanne Oh, uses light “antennas,” which don’t have any moving parts, translating signals from a fiber-optic cable into infrared light and beaming them to receivers in the same room, which can be tracked by their return signals – when a user’s device moves out of one beam’s area of function, another light antenna can take over.”

The real advancement is the use of a pair of gratings in each antenna, which are designed to “radiate light rays of different wavelengths at different angles,” according to the university. This means that the system merely needs to change the wavelength slightly to alter the course of the beam of infrared light and track its assigned endpoint.” – Jon Gold / Network World