Endpoint Security

As the traditional network perimeter evolves it becomes advantageous to add security controls directly to  workstations and servers. Endpoint security works cooperatively with perimeter access controls such as firewalls, to provide secure end-to-end operation of systems.

In addition to preventing virus outbreaks, endpoint security substantially reduces the risk of data loss due to error or theft, by controlling which data assets leave the business premises via network or physical media.

Endpoint security solutions can range from simple anti-virus software installed manually on a small number of workstations, to centrally managed fully integrated software, utilizing endpoint agents to control all aspects of workstation security policies and administration.

Anti Virus

The expanding reach of Internet connectivity has made the spread and impact of network-borne computer viruses ever more dangerous. The risk of downtime due to widespread virus outbreak can be reduced by endpoint security technology including anti-virus software.

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