An Interconnected Global Community

The Internet has created a global digital community, providing innovative ways to connect people, and offers unprecedented access to online information and services.

Hyper connectivity offers many new opportunities and markets for business, but also presents new operational and liability risks.

Securing digital assets for enterprise, industrial and institutional customers for over 20 years, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you strike the right balance between connectivity and security.

Virtual Private Networks

Remote access VPNs provide tunnels through the Internet to business systems and applications from anywhere, enabling secure high performance connectivity for mobile staff, telecommuters, partners and customers.

Branch VPNs leverage the resiliency and speed of the modern Internet to replace traditional dedicated leased lines between business sites, generally providing cost savings while maintaing high performance and availability.

We use best practice design methodology on proven platforms to provide secure, robust and efficient virtual private networking solutions.

Firewalls: The Network Gatekeeper

Cyber security is an ever evolving balance between providing feature rich services and preventing unauthorized access to private information.

Firewalls play an important role in all information security strategies, by defining network boundaries and controlling who can access which systems and for what purpose.

Modern firewall variants build on simple (layers 3-4) access policies by adding application intelligence and advanced content awareness (layers 5-7), allowing deeper traffic inspection for increased visibility, control and overall network security.

We build high performance firewall solutions using Palo Alto Networks and Cisco Systems technology platforms. We also install, service and support firewalls from pfSense-Netgate, Checkpoint, Juniper Networks, and various Linux open source platforms.

Endpoint Security

As the traditional network perimeter evolves it becomes advantageous to add security controls directly to  workstations and servers. Endpoint security works cooperatively with perimeter access controls such as firewalls, to provide secure end-to-end operation of systems.

The expanding reach of Internet connectivity has made the spread and impact of network-borne computer viruses ever more dangerous. The risk of downtime due to widespread virus outbreak can be reduced by endpoint security technology.

In addition to preventing virus outbreaks, endpoint security substantially reduces the risk of data loss due to error or theft, by controlling which data assets leave the business premises via network or physical media.

Endpoint security solutions can range from simple anti-virus software installed manually on a small number of workstations, to centrally managed fully integrated software, utilizing endpoint agents to control all aspects of workstation security policies and administration.

Wireless Security

With increased adoption of cellular, wifi and bluetooth wireless technologies for mobile communications in business, the traditional network perimeter has evovled.  Wireless networks have become the new weak spots in perimeter security, providing broad attack surfaces for unauthorized access.

Implementing proper access controls, security protocols and endpoint client protection is vital to ensuring safe and secure wireless mobile communication services.

Vulnerability Assessments

We’ve been on the front lines protecting  digital assets of large enterprise across Canada for over 20 years, and in that time have learned alot about cybersecurity.

Pre-emptive penetration testing by experienced cybersecurity analysts is one of the best ways to identify  vulnerabilities, and shore up any weak spots before attracting the wrong kind of attention.

We have the knowledge and expertise to conduct penetration and vulnerability testing on applications and networks of all size and complexity.

Whether you are a small business with a single location looking for simple cybersecurity assessment, or a multi-location large enterprise looking for a comprehensive report on complex integrated systems, we have the tools and experience to give you an accurate picture of your overall cybersecurity posture.

Performing cybersecurity assessments before having an issue makes forensics much easier in the event of incident, and further reflects an organizations committment to protecting the privacy of it’s customers information. 

The cybersecurity landscape can shift quickly, and keeping current on new developments promotes accuracy in identifying current trends, and helps tremendously in best preparing for the future.

Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and data integrity backup systems are mundane and costly only until you need them. The importance of high integrity information backup solutions, and regular testing can’t be overstated, the future of your business may depend on it.

There are a wide variety of data backup solutions for all size of business continuty requirements.  These range from inexpensive offline open source software, to more expensive custom-purposed hardware, to online mirrored high-availbiltiy real-time solutions (fast-good-expensive).

Information backups should be cost-effective and reliable, there when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t. Strategies can range from simple local storage disks, to elaborately scheduled independent location off-site storage processes depending on value and sensitivity of your data.

With extensive experience integrating information backup systems, we can provide expert guidance for disaster recovery and business continuity planning for a range of requirements.

Please contact us to discuss the cybersecurity requirements of your business.

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