Convergence Equals Efficiency

VoIP is a method of using the same network cabling for both data and voice communication, the so-called converged network, and many of the principles of VoIP such as signaling and channel control are similar to legacy telephone systems, however with a new twist.

In addition to network convergence, the digitization of voice inherent with VoIP also opens some new possibilities making advanced features possible such as unified messaging, enhanced mobility and eventually video and virtual reality integration.

Voice over IP Is The Future

Voice over IP is gaining widespread adoption with many services now available from both Internet-based as well as traditional Telco providers.

There are a variety of voice communication systems now being offered with advanced features which leverage the benefits of the VoIP model, and it seems inevitable that digital packetized voice will eventually replace all analog telephone service.

If you’re not on the bus already, it’s time to board, and now that many of the kinks have been worked out by early adopters, it’s a much more painless process.


Our goal in deploying VoIP systems is to have them perform at least as well as traditional telephony systems in terms of voice quality and reliability.

A large factor in achieving seamless performance and reliability of voice over IP systems is the proper setup and configuration of the underlying network medium.  Voice over IP network traffic has more stringent requirements than regular data, and there are some network configuration considerations which can ensure seamless and high quality digital voice communication.

Cisco Systems Leads The Way

The Cisco Unified Communications suite of applications is the premier technology currently available for business voice communications.

We have extensive experience designing and building Voice over IP telephony solutions on Cisco’s Unified Communications platform, including Communications Manager, Unity Connection, and Contact Center Express.

Cisco offers various voice communication systems for small businesses, up to larger organizations.


Please contact us today to discuss the voice communications requirements of your business.

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