On Premise VoIP Systems

For larger businesses with complex telephony requirements, self hosted VoIP systems are often the best option in terms of performance and cost efficiency.

Those companies operating in house contact centres also benefit from self-hosting VoIP and other integrated collaboration solutions.

Cloud Phone Systems

The modern internet has become more resilient and consistent in performance and reliability, allowing more advanced real time collaboration solutions to operate seamlessly over shared public networks.

This means for many small and medium sized businesses, options for hosted VoIP PBX solution can offer substantial benefits in terms of access to advanced feature sets at prices much loewr than self-hosted infrastructure.

Clear Lines of Communication

Our goal in deploying VoIP systems is to have them perform at least as well as traditional telephony systems in terms of voice quality and reliability.

For self-hosted VoIP systems, a large factor in achieving clear crisp sounding calls is the proper setup and configuration of the underlying network medium.

Voice over IP network traffic has more stringent requirements than regular data, and there are some network configuration considerations which can ensure seamless and high quality digital voice communication.

Cisco Systems Leads The Way

The Cisco Unified Communications suite of collaboration applications is the premier technology currently available for business voice and video communications.

We have experience designing and building collaboration solutions on Cisco’s Unified Communications platform, including Communications Manager, Unity Connection, and Contact Center Express.

Cisco offers various voice communication systems for small businesses, up to larger organizations.


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Convergence Equals Efficiency

VoIP is a method of using the same network cabling for both data and voice communication, the so-called converged network, and many of the principles of VoIP such as signaling and channel control are similar to legacy telephone systems, however with a new twist.

In addition to network convergence, the digitization of voice inherent with VoIP also opens some new possibilities making advanced features possible such as unified messaging, enhanced mobility and eventually video and virtual reality integration.