CANARIE along with provincial and territorial partners have been providing high speed network and computing services to Candian higher-ed and research sectors since 1993.  In support of it’s mission to promote innovation CANARIE has announced no-cost cloud computing “BoosterPacks: for eligble Canadian startups.

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BoosterPacks are packages of cloud resources and curated knowledge about emerging technologies, built by Canadian businesses who are willing to share their expertise in that technology. Current BoosterPacks focus on Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and data analytics and have been built by experienced Canadian SMEs and entrepreneurs Apption, BluWave-ai, Carla Margalef Bentabol, and reelyActive.

Each BoosterPack includes three components, offered at no cost to eligible Canadian startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  1. A Flight Plan: Concise documentation of implementation and architecture options, key learnings, and resources to minimize the learning curve for new technologies
  2. Launch Codes: A sample solution that demonstrates the technology, together with software code to launch the sample solution; and
  3. DAIR Cloud Platform: Generous monthly credits (for up to one year) from leading hosted-in-Canada cloud providers to build, test, and experiment with pre-revenue products and services.

SMEs will also benefit from an exclusive technical webinar series on cloud services and architectures, support from CANARIE’s in-house cloud experts, and the ability to communicate and share experiences with other entrepreneurs.

BoosterPacks are an evolution of CANARIE’s Digital Accelerator for Innovation and Research (DAIR) Cloud Program. DAIR was Canada’s first made-in-Canada public cloud, launched in 2012 to help Canadian businesses take advantage of the cost efficiencies of cloud computing. More than 1,300 businesses from across Canada have since used DAIR to build products and services for diverse applications including construction, green energy, machine learning, cybersecurity, forestry, and medicine.

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