AMD has announced a supercomputer that crunches a respectable one petaFLOP worth of floating point computations into a fridge sized package, while using only 33.3 kilowatts, an efficiency rate of about 30 gigaFLOPS per watt, and reportedly 25% better than the competition.

PetaFLOPS??? –

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“This rack had 20 servers, each with one EPYC processor and up to four Vega graphics cards, each daisy-chained to get to this performance level. Now, this server could support up to 1,280 workstation sessions, according to AMD, but focused on a single task it was a render king and even untuned produced near real-time rendering, suggesting we are getting really close to high frame rate, high resolution, real-time rendering.” – Rob Enderle via

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“The new Project 47 supercomputer is easily one of the more beautiful server racks we’ve ever seen, but what’s even more beautiful is what’s inside. Packing 20 AMD EPYC 7601 CPUs, 80 Radeon Instinct Vega GPUs, and 10TB of DDR4 memory, the Project 47 is capable of up to 1 petaflop, or about 1,000 teraflops of single precision compute performance.” – Sam Chen via Custom PC Review

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