A lot has changed in 50 years since ARPANET sent it’s historic first message back on October 29, 1969. What will the next fifty bring?

From DataCentreDynamics.com

Today marks 50 years since ARPANET carried its very first message, between two computers at UCLA and Stanford. While perhaps unremarked at the time – only ‘LO’ was transmitted instead of ‘LOGIN’ thanks to a crash – it set things in motion for everything that has followed. While we’ve come a long way from booking time on mainframes, or dialing up with a modem, the benefits of connectivity have continued to permeate our society.

The fundamental building blocks of the Internet are still in use today, whether it’s HTML or DNS, SSL or JavaScript. It’s been a case of evolution, not revolution – today’s versions of these technologies are far more advanced than those that early Internet users were interacting with.

Things have become infinitely more interactive, graphical and dynamic. With the advent of the cloud, we’ve also become used to storing data remotely and accessing it wherever, whenever. But as the Internet moves ever-further into our lives, should we be looking at a fundamental redesign, or does it simply need to become more intelligent?

Chintan Patel, Cisco  via Data Centre Dynamics

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