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Month: January 2016

Breakthrough in Lithium-Air batteries

“Lithium-air batteries excite alternative energy fans because they can store up to ten times the energy of today’s lithium-ion batteries, an energy density similar to that of gasoline. But skeptics note that lithium peroxide by-products in the lithium-air reactions quickly contaminate the cathode, killing the battery, and the open design required to get enough air to the reaction point for efficiency poses problems.” – Christine Lepistro / Image Courtesy Argonne National Laboratory...

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The rules and regulations of channel bonding in Wifi

“Channel bonding has become a very useful mechanism for accommodating growing WiFi data capacity requirements. But as I explained in my last blog, the laws of radio frequency physics can make channel bonding challenging to use in practice. In this post, I discuss the impact of IEEE standards and regulatory restrictions on channel bonding, and how this makes the use of channel bonding even more complicated.” – Jason Hintersteiner / via Network Computing

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SolarCity’s Buffalo Gigafactory nearing completion

“Recent local news reports in Buffalo reveal that SolarCity’s “Gigafactory” is nearing competition. The exterior has been looking pretty much complete for quite some time now (see picture above), but there’s still work to be done inside the plant, which is why 950 crew members are currently on site to get it online in about 6 months. SolarCity Senior Vice President of Operations Steve James says that although the 950 constructions jobs are temporary, the company expects 500 full-time employees will work at the plant by next year. SolarCity has already started hiring for management, engineering, and facilities positions.” – Fred Lambert /...

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Voice over LTE shows promise for next generation telephony integration

“Interest in Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology is on the rise. Wireless operators around the world are deploying VoLTE and are starting to offer a range of multi-media services such as video over mobile. Plenty of smartphones now support VoLTE as well. The advantages for operators are well established: Cost-effective, easy-to-manage networks that are more efficient for delivering voice services than their traditional, circuit-switched network counterparts. But there are plenty of advantages for enterprises, too.” – Cahit Akin / Network Computing...

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LG Electronics investing big in N-type solar modules

LG Electronics investing big in N-type solar modules “LG Electronics will invest $435 million to triple its production of N-type solar modules. An expanded production facility in Gumi, South Korea will be employed to reach this goal. Currently, LG’s production is approximately 1 GW, but it wants to grow that figure to 3 GW by 2020, with a stop at 1.8 GW by 2018.” – Jake Richardson / Clean Technica  ...

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